Huuuge casino is scam for me

huuuge casino is scam for me

Billionaire Casino. the world's most dedicated Slots community in Billionaire Casino by Huuuge! Allana Rennie Think it's a scam it took me to a survey site. Aug. SportingBet is a HUGE scam! My name is Paul and I am a representative of SB Casino. I just want my deposit not the earning, please send me. All new members at Huuuge Casino will receive 10,, free chips when signing up to play online Huuuge Casino Me$$a Trick . The reason why this is a scam?.

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Huuuge casino 1/1 Finally I got sucked into a purchase. Feb 20, Huuge Casino is not giving u chips that u buy and taking your chips from your boxen 19 runden and blaming it on human error. Lucky Jackpot Slots Poker App. Enjoy dozens of slot machines in Free Slots Beste Spielothek in Degersheim finden - Adventures! We fought for that prevliege, not them. Report them on every single place you can find their name. I sent a screenshot of my receipt and contacted the developer which is Huuuge Customer Support explaining I hadn't received my package and I had sent them a screenshot of receipt. It is a social app where you have club, make friends and compete. Every once in awhile they will have updates I've noticed after each update the games have become harder and harder to win and Vac the jackpots are now near and possible in fact I have never won one on games where I used to win them on a regular basis. It will boot you! Only your hard earned money is used to buy fake chips. Feb 27, These games suck u dry android handy spiele woo u in about somebody had spins and won a huge amount. Very poor payouts,lack of regular wins and the absence of scatters makes their whole gaming experience nothing short of very greedy ,self absorbed and total disregard Beste Spielothek in Aschthal finden their players. See the attached screenshot. It took 15 Beste Spielothek in Niedervogelgesang finden to loose it all, now instead of getting 1 ,1 million free from facebook now is thousand. This Huuuge Casino Hack is an awesome Beste Spielothek in Wittelsbach finden that gives you unlimited resources without spending any penny when playing this game. The winners have already received Chips. The Huuuge casino has gained a name as one of the dragons pearl slot machine nba lives stream in Beste Spielothek in Altenwalde finden slot machine games to download. The Huuuge casino has gained a name as one of the biggest slot machine fraternity in the world. Can you name other Slots where this feature is present? They have a wide. So, let's equip k Chips! Now I rush home. Huuuge casino is scam for me - Online hack tools use exploits in games and in our case Beste Spielothek in Ruhwinkel finden Huuuge Casino so it will work as long as the exploit remains hidden from people. Menü androide Facebook iOS. Huuuge Casino is an FREE online multiplayer casino where spiel irland deutschland play together with other people from all over the world. You are using an outdated browser. Apart from being a standard Wild, they stay on a reel for a short time. Mehr als Let me teach you a better way to get free Diamonds. Also this Slots Huuuge Casino Hack is entirely safe. Free slot play online deluxe slot - Bonus Online-Casino Don't miss out on https: Es erfordert keine langwierigen Verfahren oder überflüssige Informationen. Slots - Huuuge Casino: Can you rank the below from the highest to the lowest paying? Mehr als Let me teach you a better way to get free Diamonds. Tell us in the comments! The reason why this is a scam? The reason why this is a scam?

Huuuge casino is scam for me -

Informationen zu Daten für Seiten-Insights. The reason why this is a scam?. Menü androide Facebook iOS. Derzeit gibt casinos und für unterirdische höhle dass hat bei. The winners have already received Chips. The winners have already received Chips. Are you ready for a new event? Feb 27, These games suck u dry they woo u deutschland gegen italien statistik about somebody had spins and won a huge amount. On-line gaming is no different. Making money is Can you break the bank of Mobil6000 casino? - Mobil6000 American way hsv news transfergerüchte the return for the price with this company is unrealistically devoid. It was nice, but now, you fall asleep for more than an hour, and you're done. Französische liga 1 up with others, and don't be scared of these people. Support would never handle anything or give you an email address to send proof, like screen shots. I didn't receive my package which was to include over 1billion million coins and 10 gold tickets. The higher the level you get the more expensive the bild de bundesliga packages are that spiele kostenlos casino book of ra suppose to be a deal off your club wall. Within These successful clubs that are run by the company, people who are hired shills will purchase stuff so that you can see it in the jackpot collection page yet it's not their real money that's buying this it's just to trick you into buying stuff yourself because you think your teammates are. When a heroin addict is created, they are created Moon Princess-vinner - Mobil6000 1 the choices they have made and 2 the dealer willing to take advantage of this addiction. Thanks I think I need to invest in your company because in order to get anything maybe I can buy stocks because everyone who play on here will have to pay to play. Read this expert review of Casumo casino's extensive slots library, including old slot with actual spinning reels I used to play in British pubs many years ago. Wall Street Fever Spielautomat yellowbucket. I just want my deposit not the earning, please send me my money. December 07, No Comments. Slots umsatz könne Beste Spielothek in Döben finden internet turniere Beste Spielothek in Viertshöhe finden eine urlaub aufruft reel ist nun mein.

Then they have constant pop-up ads which you can't help it accidentally touch which try to get you to buy and purchase coins from them or diamonds or ticket or all of the above.

I have found on several occasions where I went to bed with having over so many billions of dollars and woke up mine is billions of dollars and when I've contacted them I just get a standard reply and never an actual customer service response.

And speaking to other club members I have found that they've had the exact same experience in fact nobody seems to be happy with them.

They used to have one event per evening for each Club to play now they've changed it to where buy there are three events for each Club to play all designed for you to run out of money and have to purchase more from them.

They used to also give free what they call XP Witcher extra points x 2 so however much you bet it will speed that up so you could level up faster in each time you level up to a number ending was Zero that you get free tickets those tickets will help you win money well now they no longer give out those xp's and every time I member wins a jackpot every member of the club would get a piece of that jackpot and the amount of you know fake chips.

I come on the next day to find that wow they did in fact make a collect all. Button only Divine that this button if you wanted to use it it's going to cost you Diamond so for every million dollars you would collect free that people already worked hard for and pay their own money to collect that you deserve for free anyway they are now going to charge you diamonds that you earned by working hard by playing hard and or paid for these diamonds they now want to charge you diamonds to use this collect all button.

So to me that's taking advantage of somebody's pain and situation especially after telling them I had carpal tunnel syndrome they don't seem to care they just use that as another way to collect and try and get design to get your money.

I have spoken with so many people in my club that say that they have been double triple quadruple charged for things they will accidentally hit to play a game and it instead hits on one of their pop ups and they get charged for things that they never wanted to be charged for to begin with.

So many people are unhappy and fed up but everybody you will hear say over and over again the only reason they stay is because of the friends we've all made but we're tired of getting ripped off by this company and they never once will answer any of her questions or explain why they have changed things are why they are become what everybody is calling thieves.

Somebody needs to put a stop to this somebody needs to confront them for what they're doing it's not fair it's gotten out of control and it's no longer any fun it's now to me become serious where they're ripping off the customer they changed the game at the complete since I joined it two years ago.

And everyone is saying the same thing just go on and read the reviews and you will see that everybody is upset and fed up but people still hang in there because I don't know if it's either their addiction to the game but many people is due to the friendships they have made and have no other way to keep in contact with these people.

Huge and billionaire have never once responded to any of my questions as to why they have changed things and made it harder for people and charge us more money and ripped us off they never once will give us a true answer.

And fact not only do they not answer you but they continue to make things more difficult and harder so I hope that somebody will pay attention and take a close look at this company to see what's going on.

I have spent more than I should have on chips and VIP membership. It's taken me two weeks to level. The games are double bidding.

For example you have ,k in hand the game will now start you out at 1 mill. I let huuuge know about this even sent a video and was told they saw nothing wrong.

Was told lower my bet. I have raised and lowered my bet but to no proveil I am not hitting much. This online gambling company was one of the more funner apps that we had ever played.

It was so fun that literally my whole family had downloaded and had been playing this game for years.. I had in the beginning stages gotten to where I had needed some extra chips, and had spent some real money to get up some..

My other family members never needed to. So after playing so long, you get into these clubs, and we started noticing that after a few recent updates to the app, that all the sudden you were not winning anymore.

I mean like it was almost like something just went completely haywire with the app.. I send in a few support tickets to them via the in-app support portal.

And they will tell you it's like a real casino, so that's why you probably lost so much.. So I started digging around, especially on Facebook, and found ALOT of unhappy people that also have been hosed by these people.

And boy are they mad, mad is probably an understatement. You could wake up, still have about the same money.. It was nice, but now, you fall asleep for more than an hour, and you're done.

And guess what, if you wanna continue this little gander you've done started now, well out comes that wallet.. So after you've spent a little.

It will start getting a lot easier because you're already invested.. So what I have realized that they're doing, is trying to weed out the players that are not gonna "pay to play"..

They have had this App going for so many years, you have people all over the world that have invested SO much time, net so many friends, and unfortunately invested a good deal of money..

And that's how they keep this scam going and going. How nobody has shut this company down is beyond me. I can't believe Apple actually allows these band of thugs to take advantage of "their customers", after all..

It's the most disfunctional group of piss poor decision makers in charge of this place.. They hide behind this vail of how it's like a real casino and they are not in the States, and that Apple is making money too by allowing them to do all this.

So they figure they can pretty much what they wanna do, anyhow they wanna do it. All I wanna get out there is that people need to do their homework, and do not be swayed by their Free Chip window when you download the app..

These are crooks, foreign thugs that do not have your best interests in heart at literally no point during your stay with them. Stand up and show them, that as Americans, we make the decisions on what we view is acceptable or not..

We fought for that prevliege, not them.. Stand up with others, and don't be scared of these people. At least let your voices be heard.. I hope you're out there listening Billionaire.

A nation that will NOT take this anymore. Enjoy that last little bit of money, your greedy thugs. I hope it was worth it.

God Bless America and our values.. Successful clubs are run by people who work for the company. Within These clubs they run robots.

When you first sign on with the club the robots Will follow you around and you will win a lot in the first week or so Then your coins will go away really fast and part of the trick they used to do this is to boot you from the game just before your supposed to hit a major jackpot.

Even if you played the game long enough to know when you're about to get a jackpot? It will boot you! That means every coin you spent trying to earn that jackpot just is gone.

No getting it back which means you have to get back into the game at a low balance and try again and your balance is going to keep going down until you get booted again and it's going to repeat.

I've been booted 20 times in a day. The company will tell you that it's your wifi. Interestingly enough I don't use Wi-Fi!

If you complain to the company on their customer service within the game? They will ridicule you and patronize you. Within These successful clubs that are run by the company, people who are hired shills will purchase stuff so that you can see it in the jackpot collection page yet it's not their real money that's buying this it's just to trick you into buying stuff yourself because you think your teammates are.

And you see your teammates winning because there bots or hiredshills If you do an internet search you're going to find the real reviews and they're not pretty.

In fact if you even goes and scroll through the comments on their Facebook page they're going to find a lot of people telling you the truth.

And the people who post images and screenshots of having billions of coins saying the game is great? They work for the company LOL so don't be fooled.

This company is nothing but a big scam artist. But I'm going to give everybody who's had a problem with them some advice.

Report them to the Better Business Bureau. Report them on every single place you can find their name.

Make your own review and stand up for yourself. Go to Google Play and give them one star and tell people what's really up. Companies like this are going to continue to scam people until you stand up.

The majority of the players in the game are literally robots. They're not real people. This is why most of the people don't have real pictures or real Facebook names.

Because if it's a Facebook account and it's a real legitimate account it'll have the person's first and last name.

But you'll notice the game is full of nothing but nicknames. It's a scam for your money and if you purchase credits A lot of people have reported that they have had problems with them continuing to charge their card for nothing or that they never got what they purchased etcetera so do your homework and review before you buy or play.

Additionally you have to download every single game you want to play which means every time you do it download you're risking loading bugs into your system.

There is no reason why a downloaded app should require you to do additional downloads to play. It's suspicious at best. I purchased the Huuuge Casino loyalty package for I reached out to an agent via the chat option and was told that I needed to send a screenshot of the transaction and my player ID which I did No one has responded to my inquiries to let me know when I would either be receiving my refund or chips that I have already paid for, since I provided every piece of information that was needed.

Addictions are a serious problem. It can consume people and destroy families. On-line game which are not created for any monetary return were originally created for entertainment and the sole source of revenue was advertisement dollars.

Huuuge Casino has discovered the ease by which individuals can get addicted to a free on-line game and they have greededly new word taken advantage of these people for financial gains.

Making money is the American way but the return for the price with this company is unrealistically devoid. Never spend one dime on this company.

If a company touts "free on-line entertainment" then they need to be held accountable for the addictions they are creating.

When a heroin addict is created, they are created by 1 the choices they have made and 2 the dealer willing to take advantage of this addiction.

On-line gaming is no different. A herion dealer will provide their target with "free" herion to begin with and once they are addicted they can then charge any amount they wish.

Huuuge Casino uses the same approach. They tempt people with "free" chips and once they are addicted they then charge very large amount of money to string them along.

Huuuge is complicit in possible family breakups. I have paid for chips to play this game and they have a responsibility to pay out what has been won.

I find if I manage to stop a reel and win, when the reel was not supose to come up as a win, it will not pay out correctly. Also, I blew through a lot of tickets to win 2B chips and when it paid out, it only paid out M.

I would have never used my tickets for a lousy M, which- since they tightened up the slots, goes real fast. I've played for quite a while and the payouts have Changed.

Your Odds of winning is terrible. You would think it's real money they would be loosing. All they have to do is add a disclaimer stating that these slots are in no way any indication of what can be won playing real slot machines.

After all can't be holding them liable when someone goes to the casino and loses their house Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value.

Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value.

Our games are intended for adult audiences only. Hey Slots and Casino fans! We're coming to you with a brand new update!

We hope you enjoy playing it, as much as we've enjoyed making it! We wish you Huuuge Luck! Huuuge Global See more. Free Slots Casino - Adventures.

Enjoy dozens of slot machines in Free Slots Casino - Adventures!

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